On the 2nd of April we had a pleasure of hosting in our i-view Warsaw conference room “Exempted from theory”, that is, students and high school students participating in the contest, which goal is to create a social project and to implement it to life.

A few words about the contest. Students participating in the contest, “Exempted from theory” are in front of the big challenge to create a social project. Of course, they receive full support in preparations, not only the project itself, but also the idea. All participants have access to the Internet platform, which conducts and gives guidance in the preparation of the project and helps in its implementation.

Olympiad Social Wolves

The contest is aimed at preparing young people and providing them with the knowledge to manage projects in their professional life. It teaches teamwork, good communication and coping encountered difficulty. This is a good practice for future employees or managers. Participation in the contest is awarded with Project Management Principles certificate. The Certificate has huge importance, because also managers working in large enterprises want to achieve it.

The organizer of the contest was, like in previous years, the company Social Wolves, and our I view Warsaw crew ensured that students could focus on developing their projects. We provided young entrepreneurs and their mentors complete technical support and made sure that the whole event was held in a relaxed atmosphere. Social Wolves as the name suggests are real wolves that work towards their goal, work well in teamwork, are brave and have great demands, which we wanted to meet.

Workshops Social Wolves

To our training room in Warsaw came up to fifty young and ambitious people, who all day were talking about their projects. Our spacious lobby allowed all participants to rest for a moment and relax. Thanks to the location of I view workshop room, which is located in the center of Warsaw, young people did not have problems with reaching our conference room.

We are certain that pupils and students participating in the contest, “Exempted from theory” are young entrepreneurs, who in a few years will conquer the market of the whole Europe, and we are happy and honored that we could watch the work of these talented young people.