What stands out I-view meetings from the other conference rooms in Warsaw?

Warsaw is a beautiful Polish city. There are lots of monuments, museums, prestige restaurants and places. Warsaw is full of culture, science and entertainment places which are worth to visit.  Such as Copernicus Science Centre, Museum of Warsaw Uprising or Royal Castle.  More than that Warsaw delights with variety of architectural forms, crystal office buildings and monumental tenement houses.  Our conference lounge I-view meetings is located in one of this tenement houses which, comparing to other conference lounges placed in center of Warsaw, delights with its style and expanse.

Businessmen from around the country comes to take a part in an international conferences, corporate trainings or workshops which are organized on a worldwide level.

Why choose I-view meetings for this kind of meeting?

Our conference rooms are 100% creative spaces.  Especially for you we chosen newly renovated tenement house in heart of Warsaw to ensure that each meeting has a right character and a climate and you can break of the work and fully relax. With its innovative and distinctive space your meetings goes creatively, imaginatively and discovery. Our intention was to create original and unique conference rooms therefore there is hundred years old oak floor, old-fashioned brick walls combined with modern elements of modern design and we decorated the walls with paintings of contemporary artists. In all the rooms we decided to have high-quality leather furniture and unique decoration. In addition to the original style we created a huge one-way mirror wall which let us to organize a focus meetings. Based on our experience from London, Barcelona, Madrid, Hamburg and Frankfurt we designed conference rooms which inspire and we enriched them with the best technical solutions to help carry out effective conferences.

Moreover conference lounge and I-view meetings is placed just next to the Saski Garden where you can go and relax after exhaustive workshops or conferences. Mazowiecka street is one of the busiest and popular Warsaw places. There are lots of pubs, bars or coffee shops, it is an ideal place where you can go and relax after a successful conference.

Our conference lounge is located in heart of Warsaw on 9 Mazowiecka Road close to two metro stations: Nowy Świat and Świętokrzyska so it should not be a problem to find us.