18th of August i-view Meetings team will have the pleasure to host in their conference center Come Creations Group, which organizes in our conference room in the center of Warsaw, the first edition of the new formula named “Wenusjanki” (editor’s note: Community of Active Women).

The event will start at 18.00 and will have a form of workshops for women who during the event will learn how to prepare exquisite and delicious drinks based on the champagne brands “Mumm” and the whiskey “The Glenlivet”. This will be an excellent lesson for gourmets of sophisticated and top-class drinks.

The company Come Creations Group has invited two distinguished guests on the event. Mr Łukasz Matusiak, who is invited, will tell the participants about the nobility of alcohol and what is alcohol’s role in the business culture. He will present different kinds of drinks, will tell which one suits the best for a gift, and which one composes the best with certain meals. His lecture will definitely help ladies when choosing a gift for the nearest occasion. Another person who was invited was Magdalena Kamińska who is an neuro-image specialist. From Mrs. Magdalena ladies will get valuable lessons how to choose outfit and how to creatively mix it. Thanks for Mrs. Magdalena clothing tips, the participants of the event will surely find their own style without necessity of exchanging their wardrobe.

We can assure you that the meeting will definitely not run out of good humor and energy. Event will last until 21.00. By this time I-view team will provide a creative space and will rise to the task to make sure the participants have everything they need. We hope that the interior of the conference room and i-view Meetings in the center of Warsaw at Mazowiecka9 Street will appeal to all guests.

We kindly invite you!