Training, which is very important for every company, because it makes employees more knowledgeable, broadens their skills and helps to acquire experience, should be organized in an unique place. Such are our I view Warsaw workshop rooms. If you are looking for a place that will make training more successful, then we can certainly invite you to our workshop room.

We offer you training room which can accommodate up to 50 people and two smaller rooms, where you can organize a training for a smaller audience. The I view Warsaw crew will provide a comprehensive service from the start of training to the very end and will make the training a success.

Equipment during training

During the training, productive work and thinking is very important, but also rest and relaxation. Therefore, we guarantee the technical solutions such as multimedia projectors, screens, LCD TVs, sound system, microphones, a High-Speed Internet Wifi, possibility to record and basic teaching aids like notebooks, flip charts, blocks, markers, paper. After intensive work we provide you with the lobby, which is a place for rest and relaxation where you can enjoy served snacks and drink a cup of coffee.

In addition to the lobby and workshop rooms we offer a separate rooms where you can prepare before the training. All of our I view workshop rooms in the center of Warsaw have air conditioning, sound system, technical service and are available to you during a week, at evenings and weekends.

The location of I view workshop rooms

The advantage of our workshop rooms is a convenient location. We are located in the center of Warsaw on Mazowiecka street 9 which is situated just 200 meters from the metro stations: Swietokrzyska and Nowy Swiat.

We invite all companies that want to provide their employees with training in a spacious, well decorated and harmoniously designed interior. Such is our I view workshop room in the centre of Warsaw.