This year, 18th February, we had the pleasure to meet HR standard campany in our I view conference room on Mazowiecka 9 street.

HR Standard, company uniting people involved in the HR industry in Poland on its portal, arranged in the I view conference room the third edition of the Heroes of HR. What is HR Standard? It is a portal that publishes information, events, news from the world of HR, for specialists, as well as for those who are interested in their own development.

Organizers and partners

This year’s edition of Heroes of HR competition was prepared by our I view team that made the whole event in global format, and guests could feel fully relaxed. The organizers took into account several conference rooms in the center of Warsaw, but decided to trust us, for which we are very grateful. The competition was an opportunity to reward the best managers and specialists in the HR industry in Poland. Our team, knowing how great is the rank of the competition rose to the challenge and did everything so our guests had everything they needed. The atmosphere of our area, which is decorated with paintings by Polish artists, modernly furnished interior and a newly restored tenement, made the invited guests feel relaxed and satisfied. Participants of the event had an opportunity to make new contacts.

The partner of the Heroes of HR competition was the company Librandt, which specializes in the development of leaders from among experts and managers in Polish corporations. Librandt is a company that puts people in the first place, provides training groups and organizes coachings.

The winners

The winners received a specially prepared statuette for the occasion. After the official part of the event, invited guests and winners could relax in the spacious lobby where we provided guests with a wide selection of snacks and wines. Everybody had fun until midnight and went out full of positive energy, and we are proud that, together with the organizers could prepare a memorable event.

Congratulations to all participants and winners and we wish you further successes.