Tomorrow – November 26th will be the official opening of the newly formed Conference Room I -view Meetings on the 9 Mazowiecka Street. Conference room i-view Meetings is properly prepared, the guests were invited, and the team of i-view completed the preparation using paintings from the Art Gallery of Catherine Napiórkowska.

Katarzyna Napiórkowska owns one of the first private art gallery in Poland – Art Gallery of Katarzyna Napiórkowska. For more than 25 years she presents paintings, graphics, drawing and sculpture, supporting contemporary Polish artists. She is an artist, visual artist and economist, as well as the President of the Franciszka Eibisch Foundation rewarding talented Polish young painters. Apart from Warsaw, she also runs a gallery in Poznan and Brussels. In her portfolio, she has an organization of more than 260 exhibitions in Poland and in the whole world, including cities like Düsseldorf, Paris or in New York.

In Conference room i-view Meetings hung images of two Polish artists whose art presents Art Gallery of Katarzyna Napiórkowska. Paintings of Marta Rynkiewicz and Waldemar Stach suit the climate of postwar restored tenement house, a huge space, large windows, a hundred year old oak parquet floor create harmony of this place. The paintings not only fill the walls, but they give the opportunity to experience contemporary art, allow for a moment away from reality and move in to another place and the world created by the artist.

Conference center i-view Meetings created an unique and comfortable place for business meetings in the city center. Latest audio – visual solutions combined with the climate of post-war restored building, with brick walls and high ceilings help your meetings to be creative and productive.

We are inviting you to tomorrow’s opening i-view Meetings, 9 Mazowiecka Street in the heart of Warsaw.