For several months, the whole I view team wondered, where our conference room should be located. We choose Mazowiecka 9 street in the center of Warsaw. Why?

The answer to this question is very simple. Tenement, which is located at 9 Mazowiecka Street is unique and climatic. Because we wanted to provide our customers not only four walls, but also the character, we chose the building, which was built in 1857. It is unique because it survived the war, and thanks to modern technology, it has been restored in a modern style, but the character remained unchanged. The full name of the building is The Starzyńska Tenement and we can confidently say that this is one of the most interesting historical tenement houses in Warsaw. In this extraordinary building we can see paintings by contemporary painters and preserved 100 – year old oak floor.

Conference room in the center of Warsaw

The attractiveness of the place is not only the house, but also the location. Mazowiecka street, now is known for good restaurants, modern clubs and bars. But few people know the story of this street. Founded in 1621 and situated along the city walls. Decades later, in 1696, at Mazowiecka street there was build palace of Mazowian governor, Antoni Rudziński- hence its name. The dynamic development of the street occurred in the nineteenth century, however, it was considerably damaged during the Second World War. Currently, along Mazowiecka Street, there are numerous plaques that commemorate historical events.

Street Mazowiecka 9

Currently, Mazowiecka Street is a great location in the city center, a few steps from the Swietkorzyska street and the Swietkorzyski Station, making our I view conference venue in center of Warsaw a very attractive place for the participants of the workshops, meetings and conferences.

We hope that our customers, participants and invited guests will feel the atmosphere of the place and will come back to i-view conference rooms in the city center not just in thoughts.