26th of November 2015 is an important date for the whole i view team. On that day was the grand opening of our i view meetings conference room on Mazowiecka 9 Street in the centre of Warsaw.

The official opening with a glass of champagne started at 5 pm. At the beginning, the invited guests had a chance to listen to short speeches about the place where they were and plans related to it. Our guests were people associated with events organization, training companies,  people involved in the HR sector. Each of the invited guests had a dedicated assistant, who showed them around conference rooms, talked about the history of the building that is a renovated tenement and answered all questions. i view team provided quality catering; guests were offered with delicious refreshments and drinks.

The greatest assets of i view meetings


All invited guests were delighted with i view meetings space. Conference rooms are over 3 meters high thanks to which there was a lot of fresh air in i view despite many guests; big windows provided the participants with daylight. In i view everyone admired 100-year-old oak floor and a sliding soundproof wall that can make 2 smaller rooms out of 1. Room décor that is interesting, original and unusual for other conference rooms in the centre of Warsaw was a great surprise for the guests. A wall made of huge Venetian mirrors also met with great enthusiasm, the same as colourful furniture that add energy to this place. Invited guests admired hanging on the i view walls paintings of young Polish artists.

Opening the conference rooms in the center of Warsaw

On the official i view meeting opening there were about 50 people. The whole evening passed in a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. Those who could not come that day are heartily invited to visit our i view meetings conference room in Warsaw on Mazowiecka 9 Street.