There is no day when our conference center I-view Meetings is empty. Every day from a few months we are honored to host international corporations and interesting personalities.
All conferences, workshops and training we try to prepare as great as we can and we organize them on a global level. On 1st and 2nd of July there was a „Gender Gaps Conference” held in our I-view Meetings room in center of Warsaw. The conference was organized by, among others: GRAPE (Group for Research in Applied Economics- Research Group of Applied Economics ), IBS (Institute for Structural Research) and the University of Warsaw. Conferences were opened by Roberta Gatti and Jill Rubery who spoke as first. The two-day conference program consisted of a total of 6 sessions. The participants discussed issues related to gender inequality in the labour markets. Their opinions and  arguments relied on research. The participants tried to understand why there are inequalities in the labor market in regard to gender by comparing countries, professions, industries.

The first day sessions lasted 1.5 hour giving a two members opportunities to comment on the subject prepared by them and to discuss it. The second day sessions lasted 2 hours during which three presenters could talk and discuss their own topic. Examples of topics that were discussed: “The motherhood gap. Does timing matter?, “Gender differences in the impact on working from home on the capability to balance paid and unpaid work among parents of dependent children in Poland” or “Gender gap in scholar performance: Evidence for school-exit examinations in Colombia”

At the end of the two-day conference Irena Kotowska handed the prize to the best student for his/her PhD Thesis. The conference was attended by 31 participants.

I-view Meetings hosted the “Gender Gaps Conference” for two days. The team provided guests with everything they needed. We hope that the atmosphere of our conference center, high ceilings, huge creative room appealed to the conference organizers. I-view Meetings in the center of Warsaw,  Mazowiecka 9 Street would like to invite everyone to organize their conferences, corporation meeting or workshops in our conference center which combines contemporary design with the atmosphere of post-war tenement house.