i-view Warsaw conference venue on Sunday morning on 3rd April  had the honor of having as a guest Jacek Siadkowski, the founder of the foundation Highlight/inaczej (Eng. Another way) that deals with gamification in social projects. The organizer of the workshops with Mr. Jacek Siadkowski was the company Social Wolves that a day earlier organized in our i-view Warsaw conference room meeting on the Contest “Exempted from the Theory.”

Once again we had the opportunity to work with Social Wolves company, and we are very pleased that the foundation trusted us and entrusted organization of workshop with the founder of Highlight/inaczej, who is an expert in gamification of social projects.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the use of mechanisms that come from computer games in everyday life. This sounds almost impossible and yet there is a meaning in that. Gamification allows to engage the audience, the participants to perform tasks that seem boring to them. There are several elements of mechanics, which are known from games and are used in projects gamification. These include: systems of communication among participants (forums, e-mails, chats), points that are virtual currency given for the execution of tasks, rankings, individual and group competition, difficulty levels and badges for achievements – completed tasks or challenges.

Gamification covers a wide range of industry and can apply not only to community projects, but also to marketing or finance.

Conference Social Wolves

Social Wolves is a foundation that organizes a series of workshops, conferences and meetings. They entrusted us with the organization of such an important meeting. Thanks to the charm of the restored tenement, modern technology and interior decorated with contemporary art we were able to provide the meeting an unique nature. We guaranteed our guests world-class space for creative thinking.

We thank the participants and the Social Wolves Foundation for the possibility of cooperation and we are certain that the meeting with Mr. Jacek Siadkowski will result in the future.